About Modii

About Spot

Modii (formerly Spot Parking) is leading the shift towards smart parking and mobility solutions to help create smarter, greener, and safer cities, universities, and communities around the world.

Our Story & Purpose

We believe that mobility and parking should be smarter, more sustainable, and safer

Modii is an infra-tech company that creates a digital twin of curbside assets such as parking areas, no-stopping rules, pick-up and drop-off areas, commercial freight zones, and more to address urban and campus mobility issues.

We convert all parking rules, no matter how complex, into a simple digital format used by those with an interest or need for the data, such as smart city innovators, drivers looking for parking, and in the future - autonomous vehicles.

For drivers, Modii is reinventing the parking experience by providing clear, up to the minute information.

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Globe with connection lines between countries and different Spot Campus, Cities and Local services.

Paving the road to smarter and more sustainable mobility

Modii's innovative parking solutions enable cities and universities to enhance drivers’ experience, promote sustainability, ensure safety, empower management, and innovate to facilitate smart parking solutions.


Future-proof cities and campuses and lead the shift in transportation and infrastructure management towards an innovative smart mobility model.


Ease congestion, reduce vehicle emissions and noise by guiding public, ride-hail, and logistics drivers where to park, pick-up/drop-off, and clearly highlight alternative transport options.


Improve safety by reducing circling in search of parking, encourage the use of designated pick up and drop off areas, increase compliance, and reduce driver distraction to locate parking and interpret complex signs. and permit rules.

What We Do

Modii's philosophy is simple – we provide our customers with real data on usage of their parking infrastructure to enable data-led decision making. Our foundation data helps communities achieve increased accessibility and connectivity, the reduction of congestion, emissions, and improved asset management. Our solution puts administrators in the drivers seat, enabling instant communication for events and changes to access and parking with just a few clicks.

Spot Values

The answer is yes, learn by do, smile, and overshare