Digital kerbs for urban mobility

We create digital twins of kerbside restrictions in cities. Helping cities to improve mobility and reduce emissions


The Parking Finder provides a real-time, digital map of on-street parking rules for cities to share kerbside information with the public


About Spot Parking

Spot is a Sydney Angel funded urban tech startup that started back in 2015. We collect kerb side parking restriction data via globally scalable processes. So far, we have collected over 200,000 parking signs across Australia and the United States.

Our data serves as a foundation layer in mobility innovation for smart cities. Spot has developed patent pending technology and is in the process of trialling the technology with cities and private parking owners in Australia and the United States.

We provide a real time digital inventory of on-street parking rules and powerful information that can better inform drivers. Mobility as a Service (Maas) services, logistics, courier, ride hail and navigation systems, as well as universities and councils can use our data to improve their parking strategies and optimise their services.


The Spot Team

Elizabeth Zealand  - CEO

Elizabeth Zealand - CEO

Scott Taylor  - CTO

Scott Taylor - CTO

Oliver Lewis  - COO

Oliver Lewis - COO

Mark Frumar  - US General Manager

Mark Frumar - US General Manager

Justin Miller  - Senior Data Officer

Justin Miller - Senior Data Officer

Vanessa Young  - Marketing Officer

Vanessa Young - Marketing Officer

Joseph Daniel  - Data Officer

Joseph Daniel - Data Officer


Digital Parking Asset Mapping

Digital City Mapping
Autonomous Vehicle

Spot has developed a fast, accurate, scalable and cost-efficient process to map parking assets.

This has proven to be a key foundational layer for smart cities and private parking owners. 

Interpreting geo-located parking signs and meters into a powerful time-dynamic database is the first step towards smarter parking strategy, regulation and public communication.

With the growing need to prepare for a more connected future and the rise of autonomous vehicles, it is easy to see why accurate parking restrictions data will only become more useful in the future.

If you want to know more about how Spot can map your parking assets email us at:

Parking Asset Management Platform (PAM)

Parking Asset Management Platform.png

Spot collects data that fully encapsulates the restrictions along the entire side of each street, not just the parking areas. In this way, a holistic overview of parking restrictions can be created for asset owners to interrogate, report on and strategise from.

Each asset is treated as a data point in PAM, with a category assigned, a geo-location and a raw image showing the asset condition.

Parking Finder

Spot works with cities to create powerful databases and key navigation for customers. We have found that while the core use cases are the same - 'Where can I park?' 'How long can I stay?' 'How much will it cost?' - different clients look for a focus on different features.  Some clients have wanted to focus on School Safety, some on Disabled Spaces.

The parking finder is a versatile tool to visualise parking restrictions that can help people discover and plan their parking options. With the option to add sensors for real time availability and usage analytics, it becomes a powerful tool for the public and for asset owners alike.

Whatever the focus, data collection and visualisation can be customised to suit.  Take a look at some of our products in action:  Bendigo CBD, Parramatta SchoolsSydney, & Hollywood, LA.

Pyrmont Parking Finder
Bendigo Parking Finder

Case Study - Parramatta Schools Parking Finder

Spot worked with the City of Parramatta to create an online, interactive resource to help improve pedestrian safety, ease congestion, and increase compliance to parking restrictions around school zones.

Take a look at the Parramatta Schools Parking Finder

If you know of a school which could benefit from deploying the Parramatta Schools Parking Finder - we would love to hear from you, please get in touch.



Case Study - Bendigo CBD Parking Finder

Bendigo PF Macbook & Phone.png

Spot worked with the City of Greater Bendigo to create an online, interactive resource to help people understand restrictions and find parking.  The city wanted a particular focus on accessibility, so the Disability Inclusion Reference Committee of the city was consulted throughout the project.

The tool was designed to give more information for disabled visitors to the city to find parking spots which suited their specific needs.  In doing so, it is hoped that we can remove just one of the many difficulties faced by disabled people visiting new places.

Check out Bendigo's Parking Finder


We are always looking for awesome people!

We are building something really special at Spot. We believe our technology will fundamentally lead us to the future of smart city mobility and we are looking for more dedicated and passionate individuals to help us get there. Our team may be small but we're growing rapidly and our aspirations are global. 

If you think you have what it takes to be part of the Spot team, please send through an email and/or CV to


Parking Finders


Parramatta Parking Finder

The streets of the Parramatta CBD have been mapped. The Parking Finder helps you find Church Street Parramatta parking, parking near Westfield Parramatta and other street parking in Parramatta if you’re looking for free or cheap parking options. Information on Parramatta car parks with details on prices is also available.

Chatswood Parking Finder

Find parking in the Chatswood CBD. The streets around Chatswood train station, Westfield Chatswood and Chatswood Chase have been mapped to show you where and when you can park in Chatswood for free. Spot also has additional parking information about The Concourse car park.

Bendigo Parking Finder

The Bendigo Parking Finder provides information on where to park in the Bendigo City Centre. Find information on where to find paid and free parking in Bendigo from 30 minutes to all day. The Parking Finder also includes information on the location and rates the accessibility of Disabled Parking spaces in Bendigo.

Parramatta School Parking Finder

The Safe School Parking Finder is an online tool covering 60 schools in and around Parramatta. The interactive map is designed for pre-journey planning and shows parents and carers where they can safely and legally park around their child’s school.


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