Finding Parking in Arvada, Co

February 25, 2023

Access the Arvada Parking Finder to search for parking in the city, better understand parking rules and make the best informed decisions.

After winning the Colorado Smart City Alliance Revive! Challenge in 2021, Modii (formerly Spot Parking) began implementing smart parking solutions in cities throughout Colorado, including Arvada.

With this solution, Modii is able to make parking easier for the residents and visitors of Arvada and improve the overall experience for drivers. As a leader in smart parking solutions, Modii has created a comprehensive all-inclusive Parking Finder that uses google maps to visualize free parking spots, no parking zones, paid parking areas, handicapped parking spaces, loading zones and more. This solution makes it easy for drivers to quickly find a parking spot and avoid any unnecessary fines or tickets.

Not only does this help to alleviate traffic congestion in the city, but it also helps to improve the overall parking experience for commuters, with real-time and predictive information on parking availability. For commuters coming to Arvada to take advantage of the Regional Transportation District (RTD) G line, the Parking Finder is an easy and smart way to park and ride.

The Arvada Parking Finder provides information on parking rules, regulations, and restrictions, as well as parking fees and limits. You can search for parking by address, intersection, or landmark. The solution will save time and frustration for drivers by providing them with up-to-the-minute information on the best place for them to  park, personalized for their unique criteria, and delivered directly to their fingertips via their cell phone.

With this partnership, drivers can find out about open parking spots in real time right from their phones. When using the Arvada Parking Finder, drivers in Arvada can now customize their parking needs by selecting the preferred settings, such as: free parking, paid parking, handicapped parking, no parking, loading zones, passenger loading zones, motorcycle parking, and more. The free Modii-Arvada Parking Finder is free for everyone via a URL website link.

Modii’s smart parking solutions are designed to make parking faster and more convenient for drivers. Our goal is to make parking easier for drivers by providing them with information they need to find the nearest available spot or space.

The City of Arvada chose Modii as a software as a service (SAAS) provider for our curbside inventory, and garage occupancy data dashboard due to their agnostic interface. The ability of their system to integrate the current parking technologies of our parking operation, and future technologies we may implement as the operation expands was a key component to their selection. - Derek Fern, Travel Demand Management and Parking Coordinator at City of Arvada

The innovative technology does not only directly benefit drivers, but also parking administrators as they have access to all parking data and information in one place. Administrators are able to easily update regulations in cases of street events or construction, ensuring that drivers are always aware of any changes to parking availability.

Furthermore, the Parking Finder allows officials to better manage parking in the city. With real-time data on parking availability and usage, administrators can make informed decisions on where to allocate parking resources and how to optimize parking spaces. This helps to improve the overall efficiency of parking in the city and ensures that drivers have access to the parking they need.

But the benefits of the Arvada Parking Finder extend beyond convenience. By utilizing smart parking technology, Modii is able to help the city of Arvada reduce traffic congestion. Providing drivers with real-time information on parking availability, the Parking Finder encourages drivers to park in designated areas instead of clogging up the streets. This not only reduces traffic congestion, but it also helps to reduce emissions and improve air quality in the city.

As we continue to expand our technology throughout Colorado and beyond, our goal is to make the parking experience more efficient and convenient for all drivers. By utilizing smart technology, we are able to improve the overall parking experience and contribute to the advancement of smart cities.

If you’re looking for a better way to park in Arvada, Colorado, check out the Arvada Parking Finder from Modii – it’s the smart way to park!

How to save the Arvada Parking Finder as a website shortcut on your homescreen:

  1. Open Safari and go to the Arvada Parking Finder (
  2. Tap the share button (square with an arrow through it on the bottom) and select “Add to Homescreen”
  3. Name the website shortcut “Arvada Parking Finder”
  1. Open Chrome and go to the Arvada Parking Finder (
  2. Tap the menu icon (three dots in the upper right) and select “Add to Homescreen”
  3. Name the website shortcut “Arvada Parking Finder”

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