How to Find Free Parking in Manly

February 15, 2021

Attempting to find cheap or free parking on the streets of Manly is often considered pointless.

High prices combined with the time-consuming task of scanning the streets to find on-street parking is an exercise that many drivers would be unfortunately familiar with. To make matters worse, Manly is one of the most popular weekend destinations in Sydney. Who can blame all the visitors - this stretch of Sydney coastline is a gem!

Street parking

If you want a prime beach side spot, you're looking at an eye watering $10 per hour. The good news is, unlike Sydney's CBD, this paid parking becomes free after 7pm (although overnight parking is not allowed, sorry campers). Many of the streets in Manly are often limited to 2 hour free parking, however, if you know where to look there are some 4 hour spots and even some all day free spots if you're willing to have a 5-10min walk back to the beach!

You can find free parking in Manly if you know where to look. With the help of Modii (formerly Spot Parking) you’ll know where all the hidden parking spots are in Manly. Modii won the innovation challenge set by Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) and worked closely with them and the Northern Beaches council to digitise street parking information. The underlying data has also been made available publicly by TfNSW in their Open Data Hub.

Check out our Parking Finder where you can find on-street parking in Manly, Fairlight, Manly Vale, Balgowlah, Balgowlah Heights, and North Balgowlah. The Parking Finder shows you the current parking rules for paid parking, free parking and disabled parking. You can also find what the future parking rules will be and what the parking rate is at a certain period of time. If you have a resident permit you can view where you are entitled to park. Read more about how Modii is revolutionising the way we drive and park in cities here.

Spot's Manly Parking Finder on iPhone
Modii's parking finder lets you check how full a car park is before you leave, saving you time and fuel!

Other parking options in Manly

Modii's parking finder has also mapped the council owned parking garages, Peninsular Carpark, Whistler Carpark, Pacific Waves Carpark, and Manly National Carpark. These parking garages are all situated near the beach in Manly and all offer 2 hours of free parking. The full rates and other information can be found on the parking finder, along with the current occupancy, so you can check out how busy it is and head straight to the right garage. In fact, if you set the parking finder to look at a date and or time in the future, the system will use historical patterns and provide a predictive occupancy!

Our friends at Share with Oscar can also help you find reliable parking in Manly. Reserve off-street parking from just $2.50/hour at a private car space via Share with Oscar. Share with Oscar is an online platform that lists private car spaces such as hotel parking at a competitive rate. Book here.

Modii is here to help make the last mile of your trip easier.

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